I am an artist. I have an affinity for monochromatic aesthetics, especially 'sizz.' I am working on several projects spanning many artistic mediums, including three novels, two concept albums, and an audio-drama.

Writing now is Timbre, one of the alters of this system. We are all still very new to the concept and semantics of multiplicity, so bear with us.

Feel free to peruse my/our work here. You can contact us at virtueisdead@tutanota.com

Here's a few characters we relate to in some ways so you can get an idea of our respective personalities.


- Han Su-Yeong (Omnicient Reader's Viewpoint)

- Granbell Rosso (Tensura)


- Davepeta (Homestuck)



Ten (17776)

Kanaya Maryam (Homestuck)

i agree with this shit about nfts but im not going to just copy their page so go read it on their website